Wednesday, August 05, 2009 and (Im)mutability

Java 6 update 15 fixed some stuff regarding to

A security vulnerability in the Java Runtime Environment proxy mechanism implementation may allow an untrusted applet or Java Web Start application to make non-authorized socket or URL connections to hosts other than the origin host.

I'm assuming Sun is referring to something I'd come across a couple months ago myself. I was looking into some things at and came across the Proxy class. The Proxy class javadoc says
A Proxy is an immutable object.

Yet the class is public and non-final. It's methods are non-final, too. If you don't see the problem, go a few posts back to the bit that talks about immutability.

Didn't look at the fix yet, but Proxy was very much mutable and so it was possible to create a Proxy object which uses TOCTOU to connect to a host other than the originating host. The proxy has a method which returns the address and a mutable Proxy can be made to return the originating host to the security check and some other address for the actual connection.

I'd done an ultraquick PoC, but hadn't gotten around to warning Sun (not that they needed my help from the look of it), because I was working on some more interesting things.

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